Training opportunity – Cycling with additional needs

We currently have exciting free training opportunities for between 4 -10 adults within our Cycle with
Additional Needs Project. Improve your skills with us and take the opportunity to join our pool of
freelance or volunteer cycle tutors.

About us

Cycle South Brum project is focused on giving people the skills and confidence to make positive
sustainable travel choices. We deliver cycle tuition and bike maintenance sessions for adults and
children as well as led rides and route-finding sessions. We also have a project for teaching cycling to
children with additional needs such as Autism, Dyspraxia, Aspergers and Hypermobility. We deliver
bespoke one to one lessons; taking the needs of each child on board to help them learn, at their own
speed, to ride a two wheeled bike.

Who is it for?

The training is for adults wishing to teach people with additional needs how to cycle. You might need
to learn about cycle tuition or about working with people with additional needs.
Option 1: If you are a parent, carer or have experience of working with children with additional
needs, such as Autism and are a confident cyclist, we would love to have your expertise on board
and offer you training to become a National Standards (Cycling) Instructor.
Option 2: If you are a trained Cycle Instructor wanting to work with children with Autism and other
hidden additional needs we can support you. Taking the experience you have as an Instructor,
tailoring your skills further to help you develop your teaching and understanding of additional needs
through our bespoke training.

What’s in it for you?
This is a brilliant opportunity for experienced carers and parents to learn a new skill and to help
other families overcome some barriers within their lives. For already qualified NSIs this is a chance to
carrying out some extremely rewarding work and learn to adapt your teaching skills to individual
needs. It offers:
• Free training
• Possibilities to join our group of freelance or volunteer cycling instructors
• Make a difference in your community
• Help us be inclusive as we change the city to be healthier and more sustainable

How does it work?
All course training fees are free and will take place over Winter/Spring 2018/19.

Option 1: For parents and carers looking for National Standards Instructor training we can offer
cycling tuition to bring you up the correct level of riding ability. Once this is reached the NSI course is
four days of training. After the course has been completed, we ask you to shadow one of our most
experienced instructors for at least one session.

Option 2: For already qualified cycling instructors we offer a half day’s Autism Awareness training
course and ask you to complete at least three shadowing sessions of our most experienced
instructors. After this we ask you to join our pool of freelance or volunteer cycle instructors so we
can ensure more people get the support they need to learn to ride.

How to apply
Send your CV and an email to cycling@ecobirmingham.com outlining which Option you would like to
follow, your experience and your interest in getting involved.

Deadline for applications is by 5pm, Sunday 18 November 2018.

We’ll give you a call or organise to meet up for a cuppa. Do get in touch if you have any questions.

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