Green mystery revealed!

The mystery of the Green Men and Women of Northfield has finally been revealed today. For the past week people have been intrigued to see a green lady wearing a morph suit and tutu, dubbed by some as the Emerald Enigma, in places around south Birmingham.

The Enigma has frequently been spotted standing at bus stops prompting some to question her links with green transport. She has been seen holding books and an umbrella. On some days she has been alone, on others she has been accompanied by the ‘Green Lord’ in a top hat & boots and more recently with other green friends sporting ties and woolly hats.

Despite numerous attempts to find out their purpose the green people have remained silent. Until today. The Green Lady and a tie-wearing friend were spotted this morning in a local park with a group of cyclists, cheering them on their ride.

When questioned the Green Lady finally revealed all: “We want everyone to be green like us! That’s why we are supporting Cycle South Brum, a fantastic project to provide free bikes and cycling activities to get people on their bikes!”

Rebecca Debenham, Manager of Northfield Town Centre Partnership and the face behind the Green Lady added: “We’ve had such fun meeting people through the green mystery of Northfield over the past week. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response. We hope people will continue to support the Green Lady and her friends by voting for Cycle South Brum to win the People’s Millions on Tuesday 26th November.”

Georgia Stokes, The ‘Green Lord’ and Manager of Northfield Ecocentre added: “It’s been an amazing experience and we thank everyone for their interest and encouragement. Please keep looking out for the green people around south Birmingham and ask them about the project. You can find out more at the website Please join our mailing list to get the phone number to vote on the day.”

“There are many reasons why people should vote for Cycle South Brum. Cycling gets us active making us healthier. Increasing the number of journeys made by bicycle will bring great environmental benefits. We know that people who cycle to work are most likely to have initially started cycling for leisure, and this project is about making it easier for people to borrow bikes locally or trial cycling before committing to buying a bike.”

Rebecca Debenham continued: “Cycle South Brum will benefit many people by allowing them to get around more easily and lead healthier lifestyles. For instance someone starting a new job could afford to get to work before they receive their first pay cheque, or parents could borrow bikes so the whole family can go on a cycle ride together.”

– ends –

For more information please contact Georgia Stokes on 0121 448 0119 or email, or Rebecca Debenham on 0121 411 2157 or email


  1. Cycle South Brum is a partnership project involving Northfield Town Centre Partnership, Northfield Ecocentre, Northfield Business Improvement District, Northfield Pool & Fitness Centre, and supported by Centro, Sustrans, Bike Right West Midlands and lots of local cyclists
  2. Cycle South Brum will be up for a public phone vote on Tuesday 26th November. The phone number remains a secret until the day of the vote.
  3. If Cycle South Brum wins the phone vote the partnership will receive £50,000 to establish a bike hub in south Birmingham. This will involve a fleet of pool bikes, adult & child, that will be available for short or long term loan – for free. There will be a purpose built bike storage unit in Northfield and free cycling activities including lessons to learn to ride and build confidence, bike maintenance courses, group bike rides and commuter ‘trains’.
  4. ITV’s The People’s Millions – running since 2005, it is an annual TV competition run by the Big Lottery Fund and ITV, which awards Lottery funding to community projects that improve the lives of local people. Cycle South Brum’s show will air on ITV’s Central News at 6pm on 26th November with voting taking place from 9am to midnight; historically half of votes are cast before the programme.
  5. Northfield Town Centre Partnership – runs the Visit Northfield Shop, which is a community hub offering help into work, UK Online IT training, Time Bank volunteering opportunities, quit smoking advice, food bank and free internet access to job search. They also run a variety projects and events to benefit the local community.
  6. Northfield Ecocentre – offers practical and inspiring ideas and advice on how to green up your lifestyle, home or business, whatever the size and budget. They run a wide range of activities, workshops and events across a variety of themes including energy saving, home energy makeovers, organic gardening, sustainable transport, tree planting, recycling and real nappies.
  7. Northfield Business Improvement District (BID) – the town centre’s 220 businesses work together to improve the business trading environment by collectively investing £100,000 each year in projects to improve and promote the town centre.

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