What people are saying about Cycle South Brum

Shivaji ShivaThanks for the #BigLunch!  The kids feasted – and enjoyed the activities too …  ”


Second Pedals  “Another Sunday filled with lots of bike fun and adventures. We drove to Northfield and took our bikes with us. Had a great ride with Cycle South Brum and a lovely lunch at Masefield Community Garden. Ate Clay oven baked pizzas, watched a play and looked for bugs in the gardens. Thank you to the great organisers. ‪#‎biglunch‬ ‪#‎biodiversityday‬


Mandy RichardsHad a great time yesterday on the bike ride with the group looking forward to next one.”
Michael Hill  “I really enjoyed this ride. It was very well organised and I felt safe at all times. In the company of Happy Bikers I discovered a new route. It’s 7.41am on the next day and I can still feel the saddle of my bike.”

“Huge thanks to Cycle South Brum who, in an hour yesterday, got our 8 year old from a non-cyclist to this!”  http://www.mobypicture.com/user/B31Voices/view/17851311



“Thank you Jordan and Phil for progressing Lottie from scooting to riding in one pleasurable lesson.”

Posted by Dave Le Marchand on Sunday, 22 March 2015

(by email) “Hello,
My son, attended the cycle confidence course on Thursday afternoon. Phil did a fantAstic job. he really helped to build up [his] confidence as it was the first time he had ridden his bike without stabilisers. I just wanted to write to say thank you for organising the session – we really appreciated it.”

Kind regards

thought you’d like to know our 6-yr old can now ride his bike w/o stabilisers as a direct result of your course! Thank you!

he also refuses to go anywhere without having done his M-check. He’s one happy lad! And we’re proud parents. 🙂

These courses are great! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Fantastic ride thank you :0)

Sue Trezise I highly recommend these free courses!! They have been brilliant for teaching me how to maintain my bike to save me lots of money. I have met some really nice people too! Thank you BikeRight and Northfield EcoCentre for providing these courses !

Lira de Veyra I’m one of the new riders and just tried a bike at the centre today! There some more lovely green bikes for ladies. Come, join us! It’s smarter to ride a bike, and it will be fun:-)

  had an amazing day cycle from northfield to city centre library and back again. Thanks to all the team.

bike hire

bike 26 in action

bike 27 in action

Northfield PCSOs 1 - Copy

Cycle South Brum supporters BCFC

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