Bike hire

We aim to respond to bike hire enquiries within 24 hours, however in busy periods it may take longer.  Please note that bike hire may be restricted at times of high demand.


We ask people borrowing bikes to complete a Membership and Conditions of hire agreement and to provide us with photo ID (e.g. passport/driving licence) and proof of address (e.g. recent bill).

Is there a cost for hiring a bike?

It is free for up to 1 week for an adult bike, after which it costs £10 per week.  Children’s bike hire is always free.  The use of adult bikes for our training sessions and group rides is always free.

We do encourage you to keep a simple diary of your cycling activity – this helps us to understand what people value about the service we provide.  You can post on our Facebook page, on your own Facebook or other social media, or we can give you a paper diary.

PS.  We don’t think that painting a bike pink makes it a “female” bike, or painting a bike blue makes it a “male” bike, but that’s the way manufacturers paint them, and if you have a preference, then we will do our best to meet it, subject to availability.


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