Bike maintenance quiz answers

Below are the answers to our bike maintenance quiz.

1. How often should you clean and lubricate your chain?

Monthly, and also when it’s visibly dirty or you’ve been cycling in mud or heavy rain.

The chain is the thing that converts the muscle power of your legs, into mechanical power to make the bike move. Making sure it is properly cleaned and lubricated is worthwhile because it makes for less hard work by your lungs.

If you attend one of our adults’ or children’s bike maintenance classes, you will learn how to harness the magical powers of the Chain Bath, as seen in the video below:


2. Under normal road conditions, if you test the air pressure in your tyre by squeezing it with your thumb, then it should be as firm as:

The skin of an apple.

If your tyre pressure is too low, you will have to work harder to make your bike go. We find that most people forget to pump up their tyres properly. A foot pump is a good investment because it makes it easier to inflate your tyres. We have several at Northfield Ecocentre that you can use, including an all-weather foot pump outside the Ecocentre.  There is also an outside pump at Birmingham Friends of the Earth.

3. With the correct technique, how long should it take you to remove the back wheel from a bike?

3 seconds!  If you don’t believe us, watch this video as Louise shows how it’s done at a recent bike maintenance class.


4. Which of the following is the real name for a part of a bike?

Bottom bracket.

You can’t always remember the names of all the parts of a bike. Here is a good photo guide –

It’s more important to understand the functions of parts of a bike than their names.

5. Which of the following is a type of braking system?

Vee brakes

There are a number of common braking systems but it’s easy to maintain and repair brakes with a bit of training.

6. Which of the following is NOT a type of valve found on an inner tube?

Wunderbar is not a type of valve.

Shrader is long and thin, Presta is short and fat. Some people are afraid they will damage valves but it shouldn’t be a problem with the right technique and a bit of patience.

Wunderbar is a 1981 song by Tenpole Tudor.

7. What should you do if your bike has a fault that you can’t repair?

Come to a Cycle South Brum maintenance class.

At the moment, are lot of people are putting their bike in the shed and forgetting about it. Coming to one of our bike maintenance class will give you the techniques you need to keep your bike in tip-top condition, learn valuable DIY skills, and save you money in the process. For more information on bike maintenance and cycling tuition please visit

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