Bike maintenance class – adults

VIDEO:  Louise shows how to remove a back wheel at a recent maintenance class.  

Our next two day course is on Saturday 24 March 2018 and Saturday 28 April 2018 – 9am to 3pm both daysPlease click here to book.  Please check back on this page or sign up to our mailing list to be kept informed.

A series of four bike maintenance modules , held over two Saturdays, led by Vicky Seville.     We ask you to pay what you can afford, with a suggested amount of £10.  Please pay in advance.  Classes will be held indoors at Northfield Ecocentre, 53 Church Road, Northfield, B31 2LB (some parts may take place in the Ecocentre garden, weather permitting).  All bookings must be made online, we’re sorry but we’re unable to accept telephone bookings.

Module 1: Bike safety. This will include: understanding the parts of a bike and what they do; carrying out a safety check to make sure the main components are working safely (wheels; handlebars; brakes; cranks; pedals; chain; saddle); cleaning your bike.

Module 2: Wheels, tyres and punctures. This will include understanding of how to care for wheels and tyres to avoid punctures; the importance of properly-inflated tyres; and how to identify and repair punctures.

Module 3: Brakes. Understanding the function of brakes; how to care for brakes; how to make minor adjustments to brakes; how to replace brakes and brake cables.  .

Module 4: Gears. Understanding the function of gears; how to care for gears; how to make minor adjustments to gears; how to replace gear components and cables; understanding limit screws, and how and when to adjust them.

These four modules will give you the confidence and ability to care for and maintain your bike and keep cycling.  If you have children, it will also teach you to maintain their bikes. It will give you the confidence and ability to identify faults that are too complex or difficult for DIY so you know when to seek help from a bike shop or mechanic. With your knowledge of bike maintenance you will know what to ask for and won’t be ripped off.

There will be a maximum of six learners in each class. We will provide all tools and equipment including bike stands, tools, aprons, etc. The tutor will be Vicky Seville, an experienced bike mechanic and trainer. The focus will be on the most common types of bike architecture and component e.g. V-brakes that most cyclists have.

You are encouraged to bring your own bike if possible to work on. If this is not possible for any reason, then we have a range of bikes of all shapes and sizes that can be used to work on during the sessions.

Please take our online quiz – Do You Know How To Maintain Your Bike? This will test your knowledge of bike maintenance and let you know if you would benefit from training. Many people over-estimate their own bike maintenance ability.

We use a Learning Management System to record your progress in the bike maintenance classes you attend.

You can view the lesson plans for the course here. 

You are welcome to get changed in the Ecocentre toilets, we have tea and coffee making facilities and a microwave.

Children’s bike maintenance classes can also be booked here.

perfect puncture

donna with bike

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