Children’s group cycling confidence classes

Learn to ride, for children who cannot yet pedal without help or without stabilisers

Our half term classes are currently fully booked but if you click on the links below you can put your child’s name on the waiting list.  We will start classes after school in late February/early March at 4.30pm-6pm.

22nd February 3pm-4.30pm  click here to join the waiting list

21st February 2018 11.30am – click here to join the waiting list

22nd February 2018 1pm – click here to join the waiting list


How long will it take your child to learn to pedal?

Improvers, for children who can consistently pedal 10 metres without help and without stabilisers – click here.

There is a £5 registration fee the first time you book, this is to deter no-shows.

Please note that our classes are usually over-subscribed.  We will put on more dates and hope to accommodate everyone who needs tuition.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Our aim on this course is to teach each attendee the basic competences they need in order to enjoy cycling safely, subject to timing and progress.  including:

– understanding safety equipment and clothing including helmet

– carry out a simple bike check

– get on and off the bike without help

– pedal without help and stop without help

– make the bike go where they want

– use gears, where present

– manoeuvre safely to avoid objects.

You will need a roadworthy bike to take part in this course, with lights where appropriate.  We do not recommend the use of stabilisers for children as they are not the best way to help the child to learn the necessary skills.  We request that all participants wear a helmet.  If your child has a bike with stabilisers please click here for more information.

The group cycling instruction class is free of charge, but please consider making a donation to Northfield Ecocentre to support the running costs of Cycle South Brum.

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5 responses to “Children’s group cycling confidence classes

  1. “Children must be accompanied by an adult.” Does the adult have to ride a bike during the session? Or are they just there to supervise their child? My friend’s grandson would like to learn to ride his bike but none of the adults in his family can actually ride.

    • Dear Ruth, Sorry for the delay in replying, we’ve only just picked up this comment. The adult does not have to ride a bike during the session. We just need them to be present.

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