Women and girls only cycling tuition

A free group session for women and girls only, 18th April 2017, 2pm, in Northfield.  Click here to book.  This is Level 1 – for people who have not learned to pedal, or who can pedal a little and need to improve.  (If you are a woman who is ready to cycle on the road and who has completed Level 1 with us or another provider, please click here for one to one tuition on the roads.)

I may be slow but I'm lapping everyone on the couch

The location will be Victoria Common.  There are two time slots – 2pm-3pm for under 16s, and 3pm-4pm for over 16s.

On this session we will teach the following:

– understanding safety equipment and clothing including helmet

– carry out a simple bike check

– get on and off the bike without help

– pedal without help and stop without help

– steer the bike properly and make it go where they want

– brake properly and smoothly, without skidding

– look all around while cycling

– control the bike with one hand

– cycle with consideration for other people including vulnerable pedestrians, dogs, etc

– react safely to emergencies and maintain control of the bike.

Register now

A £5 registration fee is required to secure your place.  This is to deter no-shows.  You can pay the £5 registration fee once you have finished registration by clicking on the link below the registration window.  Once you have paid the £5 registration fee and turned up to your first session, then there is no need to pay a registration fee for future sessions.  If you are unable to pay the registration fee online then please contact us.

Each participant will need a bike to take part in this course.  Please consider making a donation to Northfield Ecocentre to support the running costs of Cycle South Brum.

Friends, family members, and other spectators are welcome, all we ask is that any children attending who are not participating need to sit quietly so as not to cause a collision hazard.