Group rides

Booking is essential on all our rides for health and safety purposes.  On all of our group rides, the pace will be gentle, we will go at the pace of the slowest rider and participants are free to stop for a rest if they need to.  All abilities are welcome.

Ride Active – fun social rides and training – Thursdays 5pm, Northfield – book here

We will recommence family half-term bike rides with our Easter egg Hunt bike ride in April 2018.

Other group rides run by other people in our area:

Longbridge Cycling Club

Breeze South Birmingham (women only) – email

Bournville Gentle Cycling

Can I borrow a bike?

We have a limited number of bikes and trailers for hire.  Bikes must be booked in advance and arrangements made to pick them up made in advance.  Bikes can be collected on the day if they are booked in advance, except for early morning rides where bikes cannot be collected on the morning of the ride.  Bikes are subject to availability. If you are interested in bike hire please complete a bike hire enquiry form. 

If your child has a bike with stabilisers, please click here for more information.


We politely request that children attending group rides wear a helmet.  We have a small number of helmets for hire for these events only, subject to availability.  If your child does not have a helmet and you would like to borrow one for the ride you are attending, please complete a helmet hire enquiry form.  We also recommend that adults wear a helmet and we have some available for you to use.

Is there a cost for attending? 

There is no cost but please consider making a donation to Northfield Ecocentre to support the running costs of Cycle South Brum.

Some of these rides are supported by Move More, Eat Well.

Move more, eat well

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