Bike Maintenance

Maintaining your bike well can help save you money, keep your bike safer and make it a pleasure to ride, help you gain practical skills and give you independence.

We offer courses for both adults and children covering some basic child friendly techniques to more advanced bike adjustments and adding new parts in the adult class.

Get involved by choosing one of our bike maintenance courses below.


Adult Maintenance Gain the confidence and ability to care for and maintain your bike, keep it running smoothly and keep cycling with our top maintenance tips. Do you want to be able to fix the small things, be able identify faults that are too difficult for DIY and know when to seek help from a bike shop then this course is for you.
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Kids MaintenanceKeep your wheels running and the fun coming by keeping your bike a happy and healthy with our I ❤️ My Bike maintenance course. Learn how to keep your bike working well with our top maintenance tips. This course focuses on keeping a working bike healthy rather than repairing broken bikes.
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