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Today we are living in climate crisis where air pollution is linked to 29,000 early deaths across the UK every year (900 in Birmingham). It’s very important to think about the way we travel. Transport is a major contributor to air pollution, a recent experiment found that a car driver was exposed to twice as much pollution as a pedestrian and nine times as much pollution as a cyclist travelling the same journey at the same time of day’ (Click to see video) we are asking you to think about how you could change the way you travel.  

Cycling to work or choosing a bike for shorter journeys is a great place to start! In most cases you will arrive quicker, definitely feel happier, fitter and save money in the process. So what’s stopping you? We are told finding safe cycle routes is difficult in Birmingham so we have put together this simple guide to cycling in our city.  

Over the last few years there has been a massive investment in cycle infrastructure, including new, safer cycleways on the A34 and A38, as well as improved routes along our 100 miles of canals and our 571 parks & green spaces. 



Commuter Route

Check out this great cycle route from Northfield to Birmingham City Centre – Traffic free and guaranteed to get you to work with a smile on your face. Experience the best bits of Birmingham, green spaces, segregated safe cycle ways and beautiful canals. This google map is easy to follow and marks places to visit, cafes and eco friendly shops.

There are lots of other attractive routes to travel around our city. Safe cycle ways, green routes and miles of canal towpath. See more info below.

We have a programme called ‘Dust Off Your Bike’ aimed at getting more people in Birmingham commuting by bike. We offer a menu of activities to businesses and communities in Birmingham including route finding sessions to encourage people to commute by bike. Find out about our packages and how we can tailor them to your needs here


Safe Cycle Ways

The new Blue Routes are a positive addition to the city and to finally have some dedicated cycling infrastructure is amazing. These are blue surfaced cycle routes which are separated from other traffic wherever possible with dedicated signals for cyclists at major junctions, making cycling much more accessible.

  • In the north of Birmingham, the A34 route provides an easy route by bike between Heathfield Road, Birchfield and the city centre. Download an A34 cycle route map. 
  • In the south of Birmingham, the A38 route provides an easy route by bike between Selly Oak and the city centre. Download an A38 cycle route map. 

group cycling    


Parks and Green Spaces

Birmingham has a huge amount of parks and green space providing great traffic free cycling routes all over the city suitable for all ages and abilities. Riding away from traffic and on quieter roads you are breathing cleaner air, it’s a more pleasant way to get around and we’re sure you will be amazed by what you discover about the city. You might even forget you’re in Birmingham. 



Canals are another great way to get around Birmingham whether you are walking or cycling. We have over 50km of canal
towpath in the city, recently resurfaced with a clean, well-drained, grippy grit surface and great improvements at access points with opening of gates and barriers. The lighting in key tunnels is now better too.

Whatever your age or cycling ability, taking to the towpaths on two wheels is a great way to escape rush hour traffic, get some exercise and enjoy a little bit of the countryside in the city. Download some key routes here.


Cycle Groups

Lots of people find cycling as a group helps to build confidence and get to know the best routes to cycle. We are lucky in Birmingham to have a great cycling community with lots of groups you can join.  

Ride Active Short gentle rides for all abilities every Thursday.  

Breeze Birmingham (women only) – email esther@ecobirmingham.com or visit the Facebook page for more info 

Bournville Gentle Cycling Gentle group rides, offering both short and longer distances. 

3cj Cycling Club Off road / traffic free group rides. 

Cycle BirminghamGroup social rides on a Wednesday evening and the occasional Sunday. 

Longbridge Cycling ClubLonger rides mainly using quite roads and country lanes. 

Lets Ride –  Guided rides all over the city run by British Cycling, just enter your postcode to find one near you.  


Find Your Own Route

You may prefer to go out on your own and find your own route. Sustrans have a useful website to discover the miles and miles of national cycle routes, click here to explore their maps.  

Google maps is also a great tool to help plan your own route, see below.  

  1. Make sure you select cycling as your form of transport from icons on the top left of the screen.  
  1. Click the menu on top left and select Bicycling to highlight the best cycle routes/roads and off-road paths to cycle.  
  1. Enter your chosen destination and Google will suggest possible routes and give you all the information you need including distance, average time it takes to cycle the route and if there are many hills on the route.  


Cycling Works For Birmingham

In a time where the world is calling for Climate Action as a business you can show employees and customers your support by joining ‘Cycling Works for Birmingham’ a group of organisations calling for sustained cycling infrastructure investment in the city. If you are you a cycle commuter get your employer to sign up today.

Visit www.cyclingworksbirmingham.co.uk for more information. 


For more information contact us on 0121 448 0119

or email: cycling@ecobirmingham.com

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