Cycle Tuition

Cycling is a great way to Move More and get active whilst reducing transport costs and environmental impact. Whether you’ve been referred to us or you are just keen to get out there and get active then we are here to help.

We do group sessions of Learn to Ride for children, an Improvers session which follows the Bikability Level 1 outcomes and adult cycling tuition for all abilities up to Level 2 and 3 Bikabilty. The team at Cycle South Brum have lots of patience and experience teaching all levels and ages.

We also have a new project for helping children with additional needs, such as Autism, Dyspraxia and Hypermobility to learn to ride with one to one sessions.


Learn to RideFor children who cannot pedal without help or without stabilisers.
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ImproversFor children who no longer need stabilisers and can pedal consistently for 10 meters without help.
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Adult TuitionCycling tuition for those over 12. From beginners to those wishing to gain more confidence, practical skills and understanding of how to cycle on the road.
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Cycling with AutismAvailable to all adults and children on the Autism spectrum or with Dyspraxia or Hypermobility.
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For more information or to book a session contact us on 0121 448 0119 or email: